Stratco Carports

Enjoy the feeling of entering a cool car on a hot day or avoid a drenching when trying to bring in the shopping. Build a carport to protect more than just your car, provide a cover for your bike, caravan, boat or even a trailer. All of the Stratco range of products are suitable for installation as a carport, whether it be a:

  • Gable carport
  • Curved carport
  • Heritage carport
  • Flat carport
  • Insulated carport


Functional, sophisticated carports

Available in Freestanding carports, Flyover carports or attached to the house.

We build functional sophisticated carports using top-quality Stratco products. The designs are endless and feature the full range of Colourbond colours to compliment your existing home.

Before you decide to build, think about how you intend to use and enjoy your new GW Patios creation and ask your qualified design consultant plenty of questions. Terrific weather means Queenslanders can enjoy the outdoors up to three times more than the other states. Intense sun demands better performance from our covers.

Engage the professionals with an award winning reputation second to none.

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